Yeah...? sorry to tell you...? But, you really do have to know how to graph these...? And I don't want you trying to plot points like you don't know what you're doing!

First, let's take a new view of our coordinate system.??arrow

This will get us through these!

Negative x's are to the left of the y axis  ...  Positive x's are to the right of the y axis  ...  Positive y's are above the x axis  ...  Negative y's are below the x axis


Now, let me introduce you to?Sideways Parabola Guy:

x = y^2  instead of y = x^2

Graph of Sideways Parabola Guy  ...  goes through the points  ( 4 , 2 ) , ( 1 , 1 ) , ( 1 , -1 ) , ( 4 , -2 )

He's?the same shape as?Standard Parabola Guy.??He?opens towards positives -- just like?Standard Parabola Guy:

Standard Parabola Guy  ...  opens towards positives

Sideways Parabola Guy  ...  opens towards positive x's

Now, we are going to need to be able to move this?new guy?around.